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Examples that refute the fear-based belief that no one is inside or worth saving


August 2018

Seattle, WA Squatter known to live in site of abandoned house fire

Phoenix, AZ Abandoned apartment fire displaces family

Memphis, TN Firefighters battle rash of fires in abandoned structures

Chicago, IL 12 displaced by abandoned house fire

Dayton, OH Abandoned house fires worry residents

Manchester, NH Site of abandoned building fire known to be used by squatters

Youngstown, OH Blight reduction effort reduces arson

Dayton, OH Warming fire leads to abandoned house fire

Quincy, FL Three dead in abandoned house fire

Jackson, MS Vagrant injured in abandoned house fire

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  • Michael Furci says:

    To not search would a dereliction of duty. In Lorain, Ohio, like many other cities, we’ve had fatalities in abandoned buildings and homes. Companies have pulled homeless individuals off balconies and out of windows.

    Firefighting is inherently a dangerous job. If you don’t like that fact, do something else. If you’re not going to search a structure simply because its abandoned, while disregarding a good size up and risk assessment, which some are advocating, you’re not a firefighter.

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