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Kern County, CA – December 2011 Man’s body found inside vacant house fire.

Cincinnati, OH – December 2011 Fire department takes school board to task for not keeping vacant elementary school secure; problems found in recent fire.

Sweetwater, TX – December 2011 Man dies in Christmas Day fire; firefighters thought home was vacant.

Columbus, OH – December 2011 Landlord knew family was in vacant house.

Columbus, OH – December 2011 “House where three died should have been vacant.”

Columbus, OH – December 2011 Family of three dies in vacant house fire; had been living in a car previously.

Palm Beach Cnty., FL – December 2011 Firefighters help homeless teen found living on the streets.

New Orleans, LA – December 2011 Latest fire in abanonded building highlights dangers; 22 firefighters injured in abandoned building fires.

Hoosick Falls, NY – December 2011 Teens charged with setting fire to long-standing vacant building fire.

Baltimore, MD – December 2011 Local paper finds police major owns vacant rowhome.

Rochester, NY – December 2011 Firefighters stress problems and safety with vacant dwelling fires; community opposed to signs marking such structures.

Kansas City, MO – December 2011 Vacant schools seen as a problem for city.

McKeesport, PA – December 2011 Fire chief opposes letting vacant buildings burn down.

Minneapolis, MN – December 2011 Homeless man dies in vacant house fire, fire set for warmth. Story offers readers signs of squatters possibly using vacant homes.

Memphis, TN – November 2011 Man rescued from burning shed.

Saginaw, MI – November 2011 Community questions if abandoned homes are worth saving.

Columbus, OH – November 2011 Defensive operations, with no injuries, during three-alarm apartment fire.

Toldeo, OH – November 2011 Vacant house fire extends to exposure via high winds; family of four homeless.

Sarasota, FL – November 2011 Repeated fires and chemical dumping at vacant homes known to have homeless traffic.

Bronx, NY – November 2011 One dead, two injured after fire in illegally renovated garage.

Pittsburgh, PA – November 2011 Homeless man rescued from storage unit fire.

Baldwin, MD – November 2011 Father tries to rescue son in abandoned house fire.

Midland, TX – November 2011 Fire destroys structure well known to shelter the homeless.

Trenton, NJ – November 2011 Body of squatter found in abandoned house, near scene of fire.

Millville, CA – November 2011 Squatter cooking blamed for duplex fire.

Abilene, TX – November 2011 Fire in abandoned mobile home highlights judge’s earlier ruling stopping demoltion of abandoned structures.

Washington Twp., PA October 2011 Squatter dies of smoke inhalation after fire in vacant house.

Midtown, TN – October 2011 Homeless people known to use apartment building in large fire.

Chicago, IL – October 2011 Fallen firefighter’s children sue owners of abandoned building.

Washington Township, NJ – October 2011 Body found in long-vacant home.

Tulsa, OK – October 2011 Legislation proposed to deal with vacant, abandoned buildings.

Baltimore, MD – October 2011 City begins marking vacant buildings.

Punxsutawney, PA – August 2011 Volunteer firefighter charged with setting vacant house on fire.

Albany, NY – August 2011 City studied vacant building demolition proposal.

Berwyn, IL – August 2011 10-year vacant home collapses during fire; hoarding conditions found.

Waterbury, CT – July 2011 Two dead in murder-suicide in home believed to be vacant.

Toldeo, OH – July 2011 Teen admits to setting fire to vacant homes; trying to clean up neighborhood.

Toldeo, OH – July 2011 Councilman want vacant homes demolished in order to prevent arson.

Bend, OR – July 2011 Home well known for transients burns.

Detroit, MI – July 2011 Body of slain child found during vacant house fire.

Tulsa, OK – July 2011 Neighborhood fights abandoned building problem.

Baton Rouge, LA – July 2011 Squatter found dead after vacant building fire.

Bronx, NY – July 2011 Squatter found dead after fire in abandoned brownstone.

Camden, NJ – July 2011 Squatter sets fire after argument with another squatter.

Red Bluff, CA – July 2011 Ample evidence of squatters in vacant house fire.

Butte, MT – July 2011 Man sets fire while cooking meth in vacant house.

“Not So Vacant, Vacants” Sizeup article, SAFE Firefighter, June 2011

Birmingham, AL – June 2011 Body found in vacant apartment fire.

Chillicothe, OH – June 2011 Firefighters mark vacant buildings.

Detroit, MI – June 2011 Bodies of two found in vacant house fire, possible homicide.

Courtenay, Canada – June 2011 Homeless return to burned out structure.

Flint, MI – June 2011 Safe operations at fire in long-standing vacant building.

Pacific, WA – June 2011 Juvenile sets fire to attic of vacant home.

Gulfport, MS – June 2011 Neighbors report vagrants living in vacant home which burned.

Detroit, MI – June 2011 Fire Commissioner implements new policy on fighting vacant building fires.

Colonie, NY – June 2011 Three teens set fire to abandoned building.

Rochester, NY – June 2011 City tears down vacant apartment building after fire.

Cleveland, OH – May 2011 Firefighters find explosive devices in vacant house fire.

Buford, GA – April, 2011 Maintenance man accidentally sets fire to vacant house (was being remodeled).

Rockford, IL – March 2011 Woman dies in abandoned house fire.

Salt Lake City, UT – March 2011 Two charged with arson while cooking in vacant building.

Pittsburg, CA – March 2011 Increase noted in transient-started fires.

Sciota, NH – March 2011 Vagrants charged with abandoned house fire.

Bessemer, AL – March 2011 Body found inside abandoned house fire.

Fort Worth, TX – March 2011 Body found inside vacant house fire.

Baltimore, MD – March 2011 Burned man rescued from exposure during 2-alarm fire in vacant dwelling.

Sacramento, CA – March 2011 Video report; fire strikes building known for transients.

Mobile, AL – February 2011 Video report, city council addresses vagrant issue following recent fires.

Denver, CO – February 2011 Video report, teen girls rescued after breaking into abandoned factory and falling through roof.

Alden, NY – February 2011 Homeless man rescued from vacant house fire; neighbor saw man entering house earlier.

Los Angeles, CA – February 2011 Fire in vacant apartment building in Lynwood kills one person, injures another. Neighbors report building used by homeless people.

Vallejo, CA – February 2011 Neighbors report homeless people had been using home that caught fire.

Springfield, MO – January 2011 Neighbor rescues two of three squatters living in known vacant house. Other neighbors had repeatedly reported squatters to police in the past.

Vallejo, CA – January 2011 Candle reported as cause of 2-alarm fire in boarded up vacant structure.

Huntington Beach, CA – January 2011 Alcohol energy drink linked to bodies of teens found in vacant apartment building.

Indianapolis, IN – January 2011 Firefighters battle multi-alarm fire in well-known downtown vacant building, without reported injuries.

Dayton, OH – January 2011 Body of worker found after fire extinguished in vacant home being remodeled. Owner was unaware worker was staying the night in house.

Providence, RI – January 2011 City plans to board up vacant building after small fire (two squatters arrested) and neighborhood complaints (video).

Opelousas, LA – January 2011 Neighbors report seeing homeless man in and out of abandoned home many times as well as prior to fire.

Waterford, MI – January 2011 Three teens caught skipping school and videotaping themselves setting a fire inside an unoccupied warehouse. Sprinklers controlled the fire.

Yonkers, NY – January 2011 4-alarm fire in vacant building, with history of violations, spreads to adjoining apartment building. No reported firefighter injuries.

Tampa, FL – January 2011 Small fire reveals marijuana growing operation inside vacant commercial structure.

East St. Louis, MO – January 2011 Fire in abandoned house spreads to day care.

Mayville, ND – January 2011 Vacant home burns over 13 hours as firefighters operate safely to avoid injuries.

Warren, OH – January 2011 City orders large vacant industrial buildings to be torn down.

Lawrenceville, PA – January 2011 Fire in vacant rowhouse unit spreads through six additional homes.

Kinston, NC – January 2011 Copper thieves arrested at vacant house fire.

Rochester, NY – January 2011 Demolition of 400 vacant buildings linked to decline in vacant building fires in 2010.

Webster, MA – January 2011 Town officials try to shame property owners into fixing neglected buildings.

Birmingham, AL – January 2011 Homeless man found dead in vacant house fire, despite warming center nearby. Fire reportedly knocked in five minutes. No reported injuries.

Philadelphia, PA – January 2011 Philadelphia woman complains long and loud enough to have vacant home next door torn down.

Toledo, OH – January 2011 Proper sizeup upon arrival keeps Toledo firefighters safe.

Philadelphia, PA – January 2011 4 alarm fire in vacant building, with multiple collapses. No firefighter injuries reported.

Philadelphia, PA – January 2011 Woman’s body found inside known abandoned, drug house after fire.

Knoxville, TN – January 2011 Neighbors report homeless people staying inside structure prior to fire.

Tulsa, OK – January 2011 Video report; homeless group trying to stay warm start Tulsa house fire.

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