Why We Search 2010

When education, training, experience and well-developed sizeup skills allow you to take the appropriate risks – regardless of occupancy and occupant.
Lessons Learned, Reinforced: “Smart Firefighting”

Chicago, IL – December 2010
Firefighters rescued two squatters from a vacant West Side building.

New Orleans, LA – December 2010
Eight dead, two injured in abandoned warehouse fire.

Philadelphia, PA – December 2010
Elderly man found dead inside burned warehouse.

Chicago, IL – December 2010
Owner of building in LODD fire may face criminal charges. Video report.

Altoona, PA – December 2010
Training and preplanning with vacant buildings.

Bend, OR – December 2010
“- there was extensive evidence that transients had been living in the vacant home.”

Freson, CA – December 2010
Squatter starts fire.

Dallas, TX – November 2010
Police hear calls from help within vacant building on fire. Homeless man rescued.

Hartford, CT – October 2010
“When firefighters arrived, there was heavy smoke and a small fire in the building, fire officials said. There also were signs that people had been living in the building.”

Prague, Czech Republic – October 2010
Two rescued, nine dead, from fire in abandoned building in Prague. Video.

Houston, TX – October 2010
Vacant homes catch fire in Houston; “Wells, who captured the flames on her cell phone camera, knows the property inside and out, especially those who she says would often frequent it.”

Syracuse, NY – Oct 2010
“”During our initial attack we found mattresses, couches and that would support that there could be people staying there illegally or squatting,” said Deputy Fire Chief Charles Duffy.” Video report.

Albany, NY – October 2010
Smart firefighting. Chief makes the right call on fire in massive cold storage building.

Dayton, OH – October 2010
Scene of violent rape burns down. If possible, vacant structures should be searched not only for vagrants but crime victims as well.

Decatur, Ill. – October 2010
VES learned a month ago in training is used to rescue baby in house fire.

Oak Park, Ill. – October 2010
Teen rescued from home that had been vacant since original owners left six months ago.

Syracuse NY Firefighters Inspect Vacant Buildings
Earlier fire prompts city inspection. WSYR TV video report, October 2010

Baltimore, MD – October 2010
Homeless man rescued from fire in a two-story vacant rowhouse.

Washington, D.C. – October 2010
“as soon we walked in and saw bloody footprints across the lobby area I knew the upstairs was going to be pretty bad.”

Niagara Falls, NY – September 2010
Child found dead inside vacant home. Fire conditions upon arrival prevented a primary search.

Vallejo, Calif. – March 2010
Two homeless people rescued from vacant auto dealership. Location was well known by local authorities for being occupied by squatters.

Boston, Mass. – December 2009
Homeless man rescued from warehouse. Evidence of multiple people living inside, well organized.

Houston, TX – April 2009
Firefighters rescue three people found sleeping inside the rear of a closed convenience store.

Mayor Menino declares war on owners of dangerous properties in wake of blaze
Boston Herald report, September 2010

Boston cracking down on unsafe properties
NECN video report, September 2010

Worcester, Mass – March 2010
3-alarm fire in vacant factory

Preplanning Pays Off for Boston Chief – July 2010
District chief pulls members away prior to collapse of burning vacant cold storage warehouse.

X-Rated Firefighting
Worcester’s building marking system.

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