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Fire Behavior or Firefighter Behavior? Pennsylvania House Fire Video


Our views must be balanced to include what may happen, what is obviously happening and why it is happening


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Protecting Lives

Protecting people’s lives will involve risk for us as firefighters

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Alameda County RespondsMore About What You Think You Know

More information on the popular helmet cam video.

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Alameda County Working: Rescue Company Helmet Cam Captures Rescues and More

Video answers critics about delay in getting water on the fire and shows that chasing kinks is everyone's job.

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Two and Three-Man Crews Entry No.2:Pine Bluff, Arkansas

This two-man ladder company is the standard for working structure fires in their city.

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Bronx Working: Video Captures OVM Making Entry On Top Floor Fire

Three children injured during Bronx apartment fire. How specific are the outside vent position duties in your department?

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