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“They Call You For That?”

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A quick 10-84 and 10-19 for the 10-22 and you can return the specials.


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If your department is unable to meet the mission they are tasked with, you have the obligation to tell those you are responsible to protect that you can’t.

Detroit Working (almost):’Batman 300′ on Patrol

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“The Batman 300 don’t be playin’ man.”

Salisbury Working:10 Occupants Jump from House Fire Hours after City Council Rejects Staffing Grant

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Uncanny timing of inept city politics is highlighted by a working fire with people trapped.

Florida Editorial Cartoon Defames Firefighters

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This is not just a career firefighter issue, this is an “every firefighter” issue.

California Helmet Cams:Hayward and Contra Costa County

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Recent first-person views and why we should push for good editing.

The Vicious Cycle

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We have to get our act together to break this vicious cycle, or there will not be an American Fire Service to pass on to the next generation of firefighters.

Why We Search: CamdenPot of Gold at the End of the Row?

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Demolition crew arrives day after fatal fire, years after neighbors’ requests.


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How many times do we have to shoot ourselves in the foot with “bullets of negativity” until we realize that it hurts?

“Not Gonna Do It”

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It wouldn’t be prudent.

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