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Brooklyn Black Sunday


"The home in Brooklyn could be in any of our back yards."  Mike Dowling


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They Did Not Choose to Die


Never before have we had the information we do now


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Tactical Safety for Firefighters:The Writings of NIOSH LODD Reports


By mindfully pushing all departments to read these reports the nation’s firefighters will be better informed.

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“You Can’t Handle the Truth”


"Quid est veritas?"



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Protecting Lives

Protecting people’s lives will involve risk for us as firefighters

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Lesson Not LearnedTexas, Tennessee and EmmitsburgWhy Does Johnny Not Read?

Everyone went home so who the hell cares?

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So What Are We Supposed to Do?

You'll die if you go in. They will if you don't. Decisions, decisions.

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Rhetorical Lesson No.10Profiling and Pets

If VSP is to reduce risk of injury and death it should apply to searching for the Golden Doodle, right?

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Human Behavior5 Years Later, We Can’t Shake It

Charleston. Their past, our future?

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This Day in LODD, Structure Fire HistoryPoor Operations and Flashover Kill Three, Iowa 1999

Smoky conditions with little heat ends up incinerating three firefighters.


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