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Brooklyn Black Sunday


"The home in Brooklyn could be in any of our back yards."  Mike Dowling


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2012 Maydays

A year of communication we hate to hear, but train to say

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Globe’s WASPPhysiological and Location Monitoring on the Fireground

More on Globe's WASP technology.

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Mayday Transmitted During Reading Apartment Fire

Calm and collect a member calls for help as crews evacuate the fire floor.

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Plan B

Having various plans is like having various resources. You'll never be stuck trying to solve any fireground problem with the same solitary solution.


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This Day in LODD, Structure Fire HistoryCollapse Six Minutes After Under Control, Chicago 2010

Collapse kills two, injures 19 after two line fire goes under control.


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This Day in LODD, Structure Fire HistoryDisorientation, Radio Problems and RITs Driven Out, Missouri 1999

Two rapid intervention teams forced to withdrawl from search for battalion chief.

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“Impact This” and Garden-Style Apartment FiresRic Jorge and Mike Walker on “The Front Seat”

The creator behind "Impact This" training and a battalion chief looks at garden-style apartments.

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Boston Mayday Training Sample

Video highlights communications during fire attack and mayday.

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Lessons Learned: Fatal, Illegal Renovation in the Bronx, August 2006

A repost in memory of Probationary Firefighter Mike Reilly and Lieutenant Howie Carpluk.

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