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You’re Offended?Video Shared By STATter911 Reveals Some of You Have A High Opinion of Yourselves

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I bet you’ll be curled up in your 9/11 memorial t-shirt with the tissues as the credits of the final episode of “Rescue Me” scroll upwards too.

NIOSH Wants To Hear From You

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NIOSH is looking for ways to improve the Firefighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program.

The First 10

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A look at the first 10 LODDs shows two related to 9/11 and one during a search for victims.

Case For The Asterisk – RevisitedOr, “How Dieing While Doing Something Illegal Can Still Get You LODD Honors”

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The signal 5-5-5-5 has been struck for two firefighters who heroically died in the line duty while in the performance of street racing. Say what?

2011 ChallengeLip Service or Getting What You Pay For?

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Serious about reducing LODDs? Serious about your health? Let’s see how serious they are.

Giving ‘Fast Attack’ a Bad Name?Houston LODD Similarities

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Is it the actual tactic or is it a string of collective, individual errors making us question Houston’s ‘fast attack’?

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