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First Due Blog Carnival 6th Ed.”Social Media Policy”

Entries are few in this latest edition. Perhaps departments have made themselves secure against social media gaffes. Naahhhh…..

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“Social Media Networking Policy”Response to First Due Blog Carnival

My submission to this month’s edition notes four main issues.
Without them, no policy will be effective.

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6th Ed. First Due Blog Carnival:Call For Policy

Social media and social networking faux pas have created a lot of commentary among public safety bloggers. What would they do if they were in charge?

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National Fire Chief

The fourth edition of the First Due Blog Carnival asks how participants would hypothetically fill the role of Administrator of the United States Fire Administration. Participants also had to state your first year’s agenda and three priorities. So, hypothetically speaking, should the President hit me up on Facebook or Twitter, here is what I would attempt to deliver. Continue reading

‘Tear it Apart’, Sharing the Wealth

My contribution to the First Due Blog Carnival 3rd edition.

The latest edition of the First Due Blog Carnival asks contributors to share that one or two nuggets of information that changed the way you personally operate as a firefighter. My experience ranges from a rural setting to a Washington, D.C. suburb. What can be said that could help someone else? Continue reading


First Due Blog Carnival, 2nd Ed.”Influential Fire Reports”

first-due-blog-carnival1a Welcome to the First Due Blog Carnival’s second edition, “Influential Fire Reports“. We asked you to share what firefighting report made a personal impact on how you operate as a firefighter or fire officer. The response was great and varied between being deeply personal and having a mission. Continue reading

Inside the Mind,Influential Fire Reports

My contribution to the First Due Carnival Blog second edition (Influential Fire Reports) involves two firefighter fatality reports. What may make mine different from others is that these two reports, and one book, have influenced the purpose I have in writing and in learning more about ‘firefighter behavior’. Continue reading

Influential Fire ReportsUnderstanding the Routine Fire

The following is Guest Contributor Dave LeBlanc's contribution to the 2nd Ed. First Due Blog Carnival.

This is my first entry to the Carnival. I can’t think of a better topic as a jumping off point. When I think back over the countless reports that I have read, there are certainly more than a few that stand out. I think the reports prepared by Departments, as an internal review tend to have the most impact. Certainly there are things to be learned from the NIOSH reports, but for a Department to look inside itself and come out with an honest critique of what went right and what went wrong, well I think that just has more impact. Continue reading