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“Expect Fire” Early Footage of Chicago Multiple Alarm on Weekday Afternoon

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Only a block away from quarters, Engine 22 has an afternoon full of fire and first line choices.

The Endangered Species

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“The UFA also claims fire emergencies have increased 16 percent since 2001 and that the FDNY received a record number of alarms in 2010.”

But The 2-1/2 Is Soooooo Hard to Move…

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“If the reason why you don’t use the 2 1/2 is because it is difficult to move, you are insulting the generations of firefighters before you, when that was all they had.” Batt. Chief Gerry Tracy, FDNY

Victim Survivability Profiling.A Clarification

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“Every situation is a situation” and the fire you are responding to is one that you are seeing for the first time.

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