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More ‘Bunkroom Articles’ From FDLiveIn.com

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Your new live-ins have mentors right? No? Uh oh.

Fact: Safety Is Relative. How Do I Know?I Spend Time With Folks Who Have Been Shot At.

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This is my safety. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

But We Train All The Time

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Across the country firefighters are running into trouble inside burning buildings and then fail to act in a manner consistent with their survival. But is it their fault? Or is it a result of their training?

Can You Hear Me Now? Staying Alive: Prince George’s County Fire, EMS Department Unveils Mobile Mayday Simulator

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Panic, a down firefighter and a bad mayday lead to a new survival training tool for P.G. firefighters.

Tools In The Toolbox

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When the problem is obvious, and the solution is obvious, why do we spend time making new tools?

Firefighter Netcast:Educator Profile, of sorts

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Tonight’s program speaks with two fire service educators on their delivery methods. Tune in!

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