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Rhetorical Lesson No.1: ‘Perfect’

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Let’s keep perfect in the ballfields, not on the fireground.

Are You A Disciplined Fireman?

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The real job doesn’t come with a script. Wait a minute, it does?

Have We Reached a New Low?

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“What good does having a hazard label on a private dwelling do when we are faced with the obvious rescue?”

Beating Up on Aggressive Firefighting

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“If your department doesn’t bring its A-game to each and every fire, the ‘aggressive attack’ could become an illegal act.”

Squatter Save: California

“Vallejo police had been to the dealership to have the homeless vacate the property.”

The Safety Mantra

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“FDNY Captain Paddy Brown is quoted as saying, “you can do everything right on this job and still get killed.””

FDIC, But Only Closer

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This year, avoid the airports and just get on the Capital Beltway.

Giving ‘Fast Attack’ A Bad Name?Houston LODD Differences

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“If ‘fast attack’ is intended to mean quick access into the structure and positioning of the hoselines for a quick knockdown, then it is dead-on in probably the majority of working fires in Houston.”

Giving ‘Fast Attack’ a Bad Name?Houston LODD Similarities

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Is it the actual tactic or is it a string of collective, individual errors making us question Houston’s ‘fast attack’?

Unscientific Culture Study: Boston

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“Cowboys, who do they think they are jumping in there without any SCBA on…”

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