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Preplanning Pays Off For Boston Chief

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District 7 chief’s first thoughts on arrival were of the Worcester Cold Storage fire.

Worcester: Reinforcing Lessons Learned

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““We’ve been having trouble with people getting in there, – “

Squatter Save: California

“Vallejo police had been to the dealership to have the homeless vacate the property.”

Why We Search, Boston

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“A 63-year-old Boston firefighter, making his way up a stairway through black smoke, pulled a homeless man to safety from a burning warehouse in South Boston -“

Find six for “Six”

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“Find six (6) vacant/abandoned/unoccupied structures in your immediate response area that you might not have been aware of.”

X-rated Firefighting

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“Just as we would pre-plan for the fire in a day care or shopping center, marking of vacant buildings is an act of pre-planning.”

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