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Collyer Mansion, Part II

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“Unable to open the door all the way because of debris, Lieutenant Dooley and his team began passing bags of rubbish out into the public hall.”

Guest Article: The Triangle of Solid Standard Operating Procedures

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“Unfortunately there are some officers that subscribe to the “mother may I” mentality. They do not encourage their firefighters to think on their own.”

Collyer Mansion, Part I

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“It took almost a month after New York City Police Department’s Emergency Squad 6 forced entry on March 21 to find the body of Langley Collyer.”

Find six for “Six”

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“Find six (6) vacant/abandoned/unoccupied structures in your immediate response area that you might not have been aware of.”

X-rated Firefighting

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“Just as we would pre-plan for the fire in a day care or shopping center, marking of vacant buildings is an act of pre-planning.”

Guest Article: ROE vs OSHA

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“I began thinking that 2 in / 2 out is another ROE that doesn’t give us the flexibility. – It restricts and binds us to an unrealistic ideal.”

November 30-Second Drill

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“What is the average number of personnel you can expect from a company assigned to RIC, RIT or FAST duties in your area?”

Hooks, Rakes and Slipshod Ventilation

“Truck company operations are probably the one part of basic firefighting whose normal tasks can be practiced over and over and not need a completely realistic scenario to be teachable.”

The First Line Determines The Result

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“A fundamental basic to any successful fireground operation is a successful initial hoseline stretch. It seems simple enough, so why should we drill on it so much? Three main reasons:”

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