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Does This Helmet Make Me Look More Aggressive?

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  A unique poll by the Los Angeles Fire Department                   Yesterday on Twitter the Los Angeles Fire Department asked followers which helmet should they purchase. The options were the current ‘contemporary’ helmet or the ‘traditional’ helmet and if they should be either yellow or black.

The Black Diamond X2 Boot Review

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They required little in the way of “break in” and for their first test I ran the stairs with no trouble at all.

Doctoral Research Request

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Research comes calling for firefighter volunteers. Can you help?

2nd Ed. First Due Blog CarnivalCall for Posts

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What fire report has influenced you? A call for submissions to the First Due Blog Carnival.

Unscientific Culture Study: Boston

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“Cowboys, who do they think they are jumping in there without any SCBA on…”

November 30-Second Drill

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“What is the average number of personnel you can expect from a company assigned to RIC, RIT or FAST duties in your area?”

IAFC Firefighter Injury Survey

The International Association of Fire Chiefs’ Safety, Health and Survival Section is conducting an online survey to collect information on the needs of firefighters who have been critically injured in the line of duty. The data collected will assist the section in creating sample guidelines for deparments to use when faced with a member(s) having […]

July Unscientific Survey

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What Does He Need To Know?The process of cognitive decision making is complex and quite rapid. According to research by Dr. Gary Klein, fireground commanders will make 80% of their decisions in less than one minute [1]. These decisions happen as often as the working jobs come in. What impacts the chief officer greatly is […]

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