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Lesson In Awareness:Illinois Politicians Call For O2 Declaration

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Reading smoke transitions to reading yard signs.

Preplanning Pays Off For Boston Chief

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District 7 chief’s first thoughts on arrival were of the Worcester Cold Storage fire.

Influential Fire ReportsUnderstanding the Routine Fire

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“A common thread to all of them is how such a routine fire can end in the death of one of our own.”

2nd Ed. First Due Blog CarnivalCall for Posts

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What fire report has influenced you? A call for submissions to the First Due Blog Carnival.

Giving ‘Fast Attack’ A Bad Name?Houston LODD Differences

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“If ‘fast attack’ is intended to mean quick access into the structure and positioning of the hoselines for a quick knockdown, then it is dead-on in probably the majority of working fires in Houston.”

Giving ‘Fast Attack’ a Bad Name?Houston LODD Similarities

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Is it the actual tactic or is it a string of collective, individual errors making us question Houston’s ‘fast attack’?

Collyer Mansion, Part II

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“Unable to open the door all the way because of debris, Lieutenant Dooley and his team began passing bags of rubbish out into the public hall.”

Guest Article: ROE vs OSHA

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“I began thinking that 2 in / 2 out is another ROE that doesn’t give us the flexibility. – It restricts and binds us to an unrealistic ideal.”

Wind Driven Conditions – Building Experiments

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The second part of the NIST Wind Driven Fire Conditions reports has been released. This part details the experiments and results from the Governor’s Island tests. The lengthy report is a must read for those who desire to better understand not just high rise firefighting, but positive pressure ventilation as well. We should also be […]

Wind Driven Fires, Houston

Some of the latest news developing from the early LODD investigation in Houston involves the possibility of high winds effecting the fire behavior. If so this will not be the first time we have heard of this regarding private dwellings.“Winds may have been factor in fatal fire“““One of the things that we’re looking at is […]

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