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Anonymous Is A Kick-Butt Firefighter

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Did you push up these stairs? Have you ever? Really? Tell me again where it is you work, I must not have heard you the first time.

The 2011 Firefighter

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What do you think the 2011 Firefighting is going to be? Trained and confident? Or tentative and fearful?

Ain’t That The Truth

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The more you look, the more you’ll find that things just don’t add up.

Safety In The Abstract

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A department with 3 man companies and 2 and 1 due on the box cannot and will not be able to operate in the same manner as FDNY with 5 engines, 2 trucks and the Rescue responding. This does not change our priorities; it does however impact how we go about it.

Rhetorical Lesson No.4:Death By POV

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96 mph response. If the volly had died we’d be mourning him next year at Emmitsburg. Does that make any sense?

Thesis for an Anniversary Gift

Entry Img has been running for a little over a year now. What are you doing with it?

Rhetorical Lesson No.3:Learning Disabled

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A horse that escaped the beatings, and is better looking than Willies’ and Rhett’s, comments on Charleston and LODDs.

Rhetorical Lesson No.2: Punishment

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If we want to reduce line of duty deaths outside of the fireground what’s wrong with enacting a little fine?

Firefighter Mentality Revisited

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As future work begins to look at being “wired” for firefighting, a review of an earlier article is necessary.

Just Like Them City Folk

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What? Are you trying to be like Headquarters?

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