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‘He’s Got a Strange Accent’Boston Hires New Chief, an Outsider

Abraira is the department’s first Hispanic chief and first outsider to be chief.

“Those Fires”?Maybe Andy Fredericks was Right.

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“Don’t worry about that nozzle kid, cause we [won’t] do fires anymore.”

Running the Green LineA Video

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Three lines stretched, two operating; ladders raised, wagon pipe readied; fire goes out. Heck, this is better than some American scenes.

Why We Search: Maryland Father Tries to Save Son in Abandoned House Fire

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The elder McKeown called 911 and then entered the home to search for his son.

D.C. Working: Southeast House Fire.Notice the Stretches.

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Not much fire in the video, but two damn good examples of a hoseline stretch.

“Expect Fire” Palm Beach County0400 hrs. Wires Down Call Becomes Working House Fire with Rescues

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Who dresses for a wires down or blown transformer call?

“Occupy” the 28th Floor

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Protestors, or whatever percenters, and guys in bulky suits going to work.

“No Sleep Till Brooklyn”Lloyd Mitchell on Fire Photography

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Young photographer shares his view on the “art” of firefighting.

A Tale of Two Fires

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VSP will never save a firefighter that fails to wear his seatbelt, that drives like an Indy car racer, or eats his double cheeseburger on a jelly donut.

Two Less Names, But Still Just as Dead

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You may hate me for talking about this subject, especially at this time, but if we were serious about our definitions, then it wouldn’t have been an issue in the first place.

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