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There Ought to Be a Law

Shoo Wee, we were gettin’ it I tell ya. We went in thar and kicked its arse!

But They’ll Die as “Valiant Heroes”

What do you know? The fire service has its own version of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

‘Tear it Apart’, Sharing the Wealth

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Andy Fredericks was right, “Research, research, research.”

Stick with the Old, Toss the New

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Yes, I do get slightly fatigued by the time I reach the 16th floor. Why do you ask?”

Over-Estimating Technology

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Did you know there’s this new tool? Cheap, made out of wood…

First Due Blog Carnival, 2nd Ed.”Influential Fire Reports”

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We asked you to share what firefighting report made a personal impact on how you operate as a firefighter or fire officer.

Inside the Mind,Influential Fire Reports

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Many personality traits influence the type of firefighter or officer you are. Some you have no clue of.

Influential Fire ReportsUnderstanding the Routine Fire

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“A common thread to all of them is how such a routine fire can end in the death of one of our own.”

Unscientific Culture Study: FDIC

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“So it’s sorta social, demented and sad, but social. Right?”

2nd Ed. First Due Blog CarnivalCall for Posts

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What fire report has influenced you? A call for submissions to the First Due Blog Carnival.

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