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Thesis for an Anniversary Gift

Entry Img has been running for a little over a year now. What are you doing with it?

Doctoral Research Request

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Research comes calling for firefighter volunteers. Can you help?

Rhetorical Lesson No.3:Learning Disabled

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A horse that escaped the beatings, and is better looking than Willies’ and Rhett’s, comments on Charleston and LODDs.

Rhetorical Lesson No.2: Punishment

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If we want to reduce line of duty deaths outside of the fireground what’s wrong with enacting a little fine?

Firefighter Mentality Revisited

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As future work begins to look at being “wired” for firefighting, a review of an earlier article is necessary.

Lesson in Awareness:Mogadishu and Complacency

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Lessons in firefighter mentality on this somber anniversary.

Fairfax County Training Prompts

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A note from Virgina to check side Charlie and your training as well.

Hey, There’s A Fire!

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Personal expectations play more into your operations than you think.

August Training Prompt:Top Floor Fire, Truck Duties

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You’re the roofman and it’s a top floor job. What is expected of you?

Hot Chiefs

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Unless it’s snowing or raining, should the IC really be fully dressed?

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