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X-rated Firefighting

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“Just as we would pre-plan for the fire in a day care or shopping center, marking of vacant buildings is an act of pre-planning.”

Guest Article: ROE vs OSHA

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“I began thinking that 2 in / 2 out is another ROE that doesn’t give us the flexibility. – It restricts and binds us to an unrealistic ideal.”

11 Reasons Why for NIOSH

“In less than a minute I gave Art Reason 11 reasons why NIOSH reports may not be read or taken seriously.”

November 30-Second Drill

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“What is the average number of personnel you can expect from a company assigned to RIC, RIT or FAST duties in your area?”

Making it To and Through Retirement

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Every day I log onto the internet and read the latest thoughts about how to better do our jobs. I read about tactics, trainings ideas and things gone horribly wrong that caused one of own to pay the ultimate price. Recently I had a wake-up call.

Quiet, Firefighters at Work

“- there have been 14 articles written devoted to “Examining the process of firefighting to see if there is a better and safer way to operate”.

2009 LODD; Medical, Response

“- However there are some whose deaths raise a concern that the definition may be too loosely applied.”

2009 LODD; Position, Fireground

A further, more specific, breakdown of the numbers and information shows the following: Position Types Chief Officer: 6; Line Officer: 15; Firefighter: 32 Line Officer, in this writing, refers to traditional sub-command positions (i.e. captain, lieutenant, and corporal) as well as “station chief” as it was listed congruent with “firefighter”. Of the 32 firefighters, I […]

Implications of Medical History

” If we are unwilling to require members be physically and medically fit, and we cannot provide them with to tools needed to respond to a mayday, then the mission of the department needs serious reconsideration.”

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