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Hear That? The Tweet Sound of Engine Company Officer Advice

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A lot of engine company knowledge under 140 characters

Knowledge is Power

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Deputy Chief Ron Ayotte on the responsibility to share what you know

Tactical Safety for Firefighters: False Positives

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Ray McCormack says you come first. Really.

Stockton Fire Video Revisited: The Pressure Inside

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Fire department releases another view of January vacant building fire

Slicing and Dicing with Bobby Halton

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Google chat had more mnemonics than a Swiss Army knife has foldouts

Donít Look Now, But Someone Broke the Cookie Cutter

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Maybe we donít need to close the door, maybe we need to stop screwing around and just get water on the fire!

Brooklyn Black Sunday

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The fire, one which any of us could respond to, was located in the basement.

Fire Behavior or Firefighter Behavior:Peaked Roof Ventilation in Charlotte, NC

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Maybe we should drop back a little.

Expect Fire: Shenandoah, PA Helmet Cam AND Training with YouTube

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The department was alerted to the possibility of a fire in the area and proceeded to investigate.

Fire Behavior or Firefighter Behavior? Pennsylvania House Fire Video

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A soldier can receive the latest “in-country” training and intelligence on his enemy, but if he walks point with his rifle slung over his shoulder like he’s taking a stroll through the mall, he’ll be killed fast. Firefighters are no different.

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