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Why We Search: Demolitions in Flint

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  The safest vacant building is the demolished vacant building

Doing The Best You Can – Rescues and Reflection on Our Purpose in Lowell

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Dave LeBlanc shares how a tragic fire recalls another similar incident that again reflects our mission

Remembrance and Our Purpose by Dave LeBlanc

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Did you forget why you signed up for this job? Maybe you should review the origin of ‘EGH’

Mission Misstatements by Ray McCormack

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Is your department open and honest about what it can -and cannot – do?


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  Despite the difference of language and 4000+ miles, Brotherhood endures. – Ron Ayotte

Why Firefighter Suicides Should Not Be Considered as LODDs

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Put aside the emotion when considering adding to a number we try to lower each year

Tactical Safety for Firefighters: False Positives

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Ray McCormack says you come first. Really.

Safer Buildings

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Deputy Chief Ayotte looks at a common public misconception I could not attend the funeral of Lieutenant Ed Walsh because I had jury duty. On my way home after doing my civic duty, I stopped in at my local Starbucks to grab a Cafe Americano. Someone in the store was using Starbuck’s Wi-Fi connection and […]

Dear Monday Morning Quarterbacks

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A fire photographer on fireground photography

Shot of Encouragement

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Sometimes its hard to get back to the basics with all the noise

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Backstep Firefighter

“To provide a point of critical thought about certain acts and events in the fire service while incorporating behavioral education and commentary in a referenced format.”



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