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Unscientific Culture Study: Boston

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“Cowboys, who do they think they are jumping in there without any SCBA on…”

Communication: Boston Firefighter Down

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“You are ‘hard wired’ to either control the situation (a mayday, for example) or you will panic, and show it in your voice.”

Guest Article: The Triangle of Solid Standard Operating Procedures

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“Unfortunately there are some officers that subscribe to the “mother may I” mentality. They do not encourage their firefighters to think on their own.”

Collyer Mansion, Part I

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“It took almost a month after New York City Police Department’s Emergency Squad 6 forced entry on March 21 to find the body of Langley Collyer.”

Why We Search, Boston

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“A 63-year-old Boston firefighter, making his way up a stairway through black smoke, pulled a homeless man to safety from a burning warehouse in South Boston -“

Find six for “Six”

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“Find six (6) vacant/abandoned/unoccupied structures in your immediate response area that you might not have been aware of.”

“Camaraderie under Fire”A Boston Chief Remembers Worcester

” – I have thought of him from time to time when the memory of the Worcester Tragedy comes back to me or when I see the word “camaraderie.” “

Guest Article: ROE vs OSHA

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“I began thinking that 2 in / 2 out is another ROE that doesn’t give us the flexibility. – It restricts and binds us to an unrealistic ideal.”

Saved from Boredom

“As a member of the engine company, will you have to assist the first due engine with the placement of the initial handline? Will you have to extend their line in order to reach the fire?”

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