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Once Again…

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The weather for fire department funerals in December in New England can be raining, snowing or bitterly cold.

The No Fail Mission

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Nobody goes to the firehouse with the intention of getting hurt or dying.

The Firehouse Doors

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The doors of the firehouse offer those we serve a peek inside of our world… but in many places, we are closing those doors and hiding behind them.

Has Anybody Seen Our Common Sense?

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“At the kitchen table one night, one of my firefighters came out with the statement that we should enforce a 300 foot buffer zone around every fire operation,”

What Is Pride?

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“Pride” isn’t a fire department shirt or a sticker.

The “Ins” of the Successful Fire Officer

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Welcome Deputy Chief Ron Ayotte to the site with his post on important qualities every fire officer must have.

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