A View From The Front Seat


Of Falsehoods and Agendas
Challenge what you read


44.7 Percent
The numbers don’t matter

Easy-Button Firefighting
There is no magic bullet

“Who Looks After the Victims”
One thing is for certain, if you are changing your mission to put yourself first, before the citizens, you had better let them know.

“Your Eyes Are Useless When the Mind is Blind, Part I”
The more we understand how we think, and how our minds work, the better prepared we will be “in the moment’

“Remembrance and Our Purpose”
Did you forget why you signed up for this job? Maybe you should review the origin of ‘EGH’

“Don’t Look Now But Someone Broke The Cookie Cutter”
Not sure if it ever worked in the first place –


“They Did Not Choose to Die”
Never before have we had the information we do now

“The Greatest Risk, Taking No Risk At All”
None of those professing to know what is right will be standing next to you.

“The Difficult Conversation”
Officers: YOU are what you make your company to be, good AND bad

“COAST to East Coast Review”
I recently was given the opportunity to try and review a flashlight and knife from a company in Portland, Oregon.

“Protecting Lives”
“We must constantly evaluate the environment we are in and try to determine if the conditions will allow us to continue with our task.”

“If your department is unable to meet the mission they are tasked with, you have the obligation to tell those you are responsible to protect that you can’t.”


“Good Job”

So What Are We Supposed to Do?

Blanket Statements

“Why Everyone Goes Home Doesn’t Always Mean “Everyone Goes Home””
“Plan B”


“Between The Extremes”, 16 November 2011
“The Path You Chose”, 4 November 2011

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“The FDXL100 for real.”, 11 August 2011
“A Loss Of Decorrum”, 10 August 2011

“Slow The Game Down”, 26 July 2011
“Are We Missing The Target?”, 18 July 2011
“Remain Calm, All Is Well”, 25 June 2011
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The Front Seat with Guest BC Mike Walker, Firefighter NetCast – 9 June 2011
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“Victim Survivability Profiling. A Clarification” 7 May 2011
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Looking Back at “The Front Seat” for April 6, 2011, 9 April 2011
“The Front Seat”, FirefighterNetcast – 6 April 2011
“The Front Seat” Live on FirefighterNetcast, 6 April 2011
They’re Here!, 3 April
Courage and Valor…Understated, 24 March
But We Train All The Time, 4 March
Tool Choice, 12 February
“Make A Hole, Make It Wide”, 29 January
“From Sir Lancelot To Wyatt Earp To Dick Winters, Putting Others Ahead Of Ourselves” 15 January


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“The Triangle of Solid Standard Operating Procedures”, December 2009
“ROE vs OSHA”, November 2009
“Making it To and Through Retirement”, October 2009

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