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Lesson in Awareness:Texas Mayday Incident Training Site

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Texas fire department takes a bad fire and makes it your educational opportunity.

Lesson in Awareness:Two Dead in Presumed Vacant CT House Fire

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Tin foils hats, boarded up windows and two dead bodies.

Lesson In Awareness: D.C. Rear Tenement

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There are rear tenements and then there are “rear tenements”. How would your department deal with this type of addition?

Lesson In Awareness: Oregon Punji Stakes

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Shed fire reveals hazards meant to harm us.

Lesson in Awareness:Mogadishu and Complacency

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Lessons in firefighter mentality on this somber anniversary.

Lesson In Awareness:Illinois Politicians Call For O2 Declaration

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Reading smoke transitions to reading yard signs.

Complacency and Awareness: History Lessons from the Mog and Rangers

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  “We all thought that since nothing serious had happened before, nothing was going to happen this time out,”

Why We Search: Inside Vegas Squatter Complex

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  Squatters taking over apartment complex


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  A healthy dose of fear is good. Too much is debilitating

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Contributors Our Goal: To provide a point of critical thought about certain acts and events in the fire service while incorporating behavioral education and commentary in a referenced format   Dave McGrail, one of Fire Nuggets’ members coined the term “Andy’s Ambassadors” after reflecting on the loss of Andy Fredericks. Dave and others recognized that […]

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