Does This Helmet Make Me Look More Aggressive?


A unique poll by the Los Angeles Fire Department




(LAFD Talk, Twitter @LAFDtalk)








Yesterday on Twitter the Los Angeles Fire Department asked followers which helmet should they purchase.

The options were the current ‘contemporary’ helmet or the ‘traditional’ helmet and if they should be either yellow or black.

The reason for the poll was that the department was looking to make a future purchase.  The poll did not offer costs, specifics, and choices of manufacturers.




Some replies related to the poll did bring up the usual traditional helmet cons, the dreaded entanglement hazard and the dreaded wide brim-getting-hit-by-something-falling-and-causing-a-head-injury arguments.  I believe these do and can occur but when used in the reasoning to prevent serious injury or death the data does not support the argument.

It reminds me of another social media post selling a certain type of helmet based primarily on reducing injuries and deaths (the post was also misleading about where the wearer worked but that is another discussion).

The European style helmet was not offered in the choices.  Lord knows how that would go.



If your department’s helmet choice is based on reducing line of duty deaths, then I hope your department already has required, annual physical fitness and wellness checks in practice and that personnel are going to their physician regularly and have good eating habits.

It is an interesting post aside from the subject.  While some on social media became unhinged about it others appeared to recognize it for what it is, a follower grab.

What departments actually make purchasing decisions based on input from people who are not in the department?

If the choices are so similar it may be ‘neat’ to let the public have a say, but be careful. If they pick your helmet today, and are looking at money, they may be picking your apparatus next year.




BillCareyBioPicBill Carey is the Online News Manager with Clarion Fire & Rescue Group, specifically and FireRescue Magazine. Bill served as a firefighter, sergeant, and lieutenant at Hyattsville in Prince George’s County, Maryland. His writing has been in FirefighterNation, FireRescue Magazine, Fire Engineering, and other publications and websites. His work on firefighter behavioral health was nominated for a 2014 Neal Award for Best Subject-Related Series. He has been a presenter at Andy Fredericks Training Days.


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