“Fiyah” Thoughts from District Chief Pettaway


Some of the best means of education is straight talk



The Inklings passed these videos around today. They’re by Erik Pettaway, a district chief in Boston. They are his own; his own thoughts and opinions based on his work experience. They’re great in my opinion, for the value they have in the meat-and-potatoes lessons shared. I imagine some readers may be immediately turned off by Chief Pettaway’s appearance or style. If so, then you need to read this quote from my friend Nick Martin on instructors and authors,

Some of the best firemen I know are computer illiterate. They type with one finger, one letter at a time. They don’t know how to make a pretty blog or Instagram photo – but they know how to fight fire. Sadly, their voices are often lost in the shuffle to someone who has more technical skills than firefighting skills. “Check The Resume”

I’m not saying that is Chief Pettaway, but we live, work and learn in a time where some folks are real shysters with the information they are spreading.

I hope you’re able to glean a few nuggets of wisdom from these videos.

“Excuse my drawing. I didn’t pay attention in that class.”

“I learned from the best, guys that were around in the war years.”

“Know your district and do something about it.”


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