Photos, Videos: Buffing Brooklyn Fires



Lloyd Mitchell photographs from Box 3921




Photos below are from Lloyd Mitchell Photography of a second-alarm fire at Box 3921, 1464 Eastern Parkway, on 11 January 2015.


Seven people were injured in the Brownsville blaze where some had to jump from windows to safety.





You can see more of Lloyd’s photos from Box 3921 here.

These Instagram videos below are from a more recent Brooklyn fire, Box 0348, at 30 Manhattan Avenue on 17 January 2015. Companies faced a fire on the seventh floor of a multiple dwelling.

Engine 216 Transmit the 10-75 #FDNY #fire #Williamsburg #Brooklyn #10-75 #workingfire #smoke

A video posted by Tommy Felipe (@tfelipe97) on

#FDNY #Seagrave #ladder #ladder102 #lad102 #apparatus #fireapparatus #10-75 #Williamsburg #Brooklyn

A video posted by Tommy Felipe (@tfelipe97) on

Longer version by Tommy Felipe

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LloydMitchellPhotoLloyd Mitchell is a freelance photographer whose photos of firefighters at work began as a change of pace. “I started taking photography classes at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden at the age of 15. The camp counselor thought I was good. The rest is history. I have worked with my community newspaper in Brooklyn for the last two summers. During the summer of my sophomore year, I wanted to work on a project different from things I had worked on during the school year. So I started to photograph firefighters. I would take portraits of them after jobs. I would drop the photos off to them. I didn’t expect the project to last two more summers. The project has been of fun. I’ve met a lot of amazing and down to earth people. My purpose of the project was I want people to understand what they go through on a daily tour. I have more of an artistic feeling to my images. I want my photos to tell an overall story. I don’t feel scared behind the lens. These people aren’t scared to run into a burning building.” You can follow Lloyd’s work here and at his photography website.

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