Brooklyn Working: Video from Box 1068, Residential High-Rise Fire

Squad Company 1 transmits the 10-75 for 135 Eastern Parkway

Video below is from the New York Daily News of a three-alarm fire at 135 Eastern Parkway. It has a unique view and offers an interesting look into what goes on when fighting fire in a 16-story walk-up.

News was sparse on this fire and the details even more sparse. Fire on the 12th floor of a 16-story residential high-rise was reportedly fought using the high-rise nozzle and the fire blanket but neither had any effect. Rescue Company 2’s website reports similar details.

The fire apartment reportedly was full of clutter which likely contributed to a difficult attack. The blaze went to three alarms and a special for two additional truck companies before being brought under control.

Below are items from work for your reading of high-rise firefighting.


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Video: Urban Essentials. K.O. Fire Curtain


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