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Fire Behavior or Firefighter Behavior? Pennsylvania House Fire Video

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A soldier can receive the latest “in-country” training and intelligence on his enemy, but if he walks point with his rifle slung over his shoulder like he’s taking a stroll through the mall, he’ll be killed fast. Firefighters are no different.

Putting Out Fire is Nothing New

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Are we trendy and lazy?

The Discussion EVERY Shift MUST HAVE

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“He used up all the goddamn brave he had.”

What’s Burning Above You?

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  Attic fires and the latest research in fighting them by Bill Schnaekel

Firefighting Back to The Future

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Just imagine the immediate impact if we took 20% of the funding used to conduct all of the studies and let firemen practice putting out real fires!

Betterton, MD Working

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One well-off in Kent County, Maryland

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