Holding 1&1:Basement Fire Video Discussion


What will YOUR engine company do?


In keeping with the Truck’s previous theme on our Facebook page about basement fires we have a helmet cam video that takes us along on just that subject. Skip to about 2:15 in this video to get past the response footage and if needed turn down the volume as the fireground language most of us are used to is NSFW.

As with all the videos we share please do not dwell on the operations that are recorded, but on the conditions witnessed.

For the scenario your engine is dispatched to a neighborhood close to your station. For whatever reason additional resources are delayed (as evidenced in the video, no one else appears to arrive prior to entry). Your crew of five arrives and has their own hydrant out front. There are no occupants to meet you.

Give your size-up (building construction and conditions) and initial action plan.

When additional resources arrive where do you send them?

-The Engine

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