Holding 1&1 Laddering Scenario


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You are the driver of the single ladder company dispatched for an appliance fire at a garden apartment. Two engine companies are also responding on this alarm.

The call originated from Apartment 301, which is at the top of the stairs, first door on the left (top floor). Additional information from your dispatcher reports that the resident stated his dryer was on fire but he believes he put it out. He also advised that he was the only one in the unit and that he was evacuating.

You are wheeling the big rig with a stick and because you were doing district familiarization, you arrive before any water does. Your officer conducts his size-up and reports nothing evident. After opening the door to the apartment, however, the crew finds a moderate amount of smoke, banked to the floor. Over your portable radio you hear the officer request additional resources as you begin to throw ladders.

What and where will you throw them? Be Specific (order, size, and exact location).

-The Truck

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