Buffalo Working (Video):Stretching In to the Davidson Avenue Vacant


Engine 23 reporting heavy smoke showing from the rear


Video from Lloyd Mitchell Photography. "Buffalo Firefighters were alerted to 298 Davidson for a house fire with multiple phone calls.Engine 23 arrived first due to heavy fire & smoke showing from a 1 1/2 story dwelling. One firefighter was injured during the fire."
Good audio, from Erie County Fire Wire "298 Davidson Avenue".

Lloyd Mitchell Photography: First Alarm at 298 Davidson Avenue

Video serves as a good prompt for these FireRescue Magazine and Fire Engineering articles on the important differences in task for hoselines coming in after the initial hoseline.

"The Difference between the Back-Up Line and the Second Attack Line"
(Kriby and Lakamp)
The back-up line & the second attack line may appear to have similar jobs, but they don’t

"The Backup Hoseline" (DeLuca)
The assignment of a backup hoseline fulfills several needs on the fireground.



Does your backup hoseline always follow the initial hoseline?

Is this a default in thinking or an SOP?



Lloyd Mitchell is a freelance photographer whose photos of firefighters at work began as a change of pace. “I started taking photography classes at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden at the age of 15. The camp counselor thought I was good. The rest is history. I have worked with my community newspaper in Brooklyn for the last two summers. During the summer of my sophomore year, I wanted to work on a project different from things I had worked on during the school year. So I started to photograph firefighters. I would take portraits of them after jobs. I would drop the photos off to them. I didn’t expect the project to last two more summers.” “The project has been of fun. I’ve met a lot of amazing and down to earth people. My purpose of the project was I want people to understand what they go through on a daily tour. I have more of an artistic feeling to my images. I want my photos to tell an overall story. I don’t feel scared behind the lens. These people aren’t scared to run into a burning building.” You can follow Lloyd's work here and at his photography website.

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