The Second 10*


A look at the official on-duty deaths of 2013

*Nine actually, for reporting multiple West, Texas fatalities together
Numbers in parentheses are total since reporting first group of 10.
Example: 1 (3) One from the second group and a total of three for all reported so far.

Source: United States Fire Administration 2013 On-Duty Death Notices

Deaths involving Disorientation: 0

Deaths involving Building Collapse: 1 (3)
     Roof Collapse (victim under), Commercial: 0 (2)
     Roof Collapse (victim on top), Commercial: 1 (PA)

Deaths involving Flashover, Backdraft, Explosive Incident: 0

Deaths in 1- and 2-Family Dwellings: 0 (1)

     Fell Through Floor: 0 (1)

Deaths in Multi-Family Dwellings: 0

Deaths in Educational, Institutional, Commercial and Industrial Occupancies: 1 PA (3)

Deaths in Vacant/Abandoned Structures: 0

Incidents with Multiple On-Duty Deaths: 0

(Bryan, Texas: two fatalities)

Average Age 46

Oldest: 60

Youngest: 35


Career: 5 (8)

Volunteer: 3 (10)

Wildland, Full-time: 1


Fire Cadet: 0 (1)

Firefighter: 3 (7)

Wildland Firefighter: 1

Firefighter Engineer: 1

Lieutenant: 1 (3)

Captain: 2 (3)

Assistant Chief: 1

Chief: 0 (1)

Fire Police: 0 (1)

Nature of Death

Burns: 0 (2)

Heart Attack: 1 (3)

Trauma: 4 (6)

Unknown: 3 (7)

Other: 1

Cause of Death

Collapse: 2 (4)

Fall: 0 (1)

Stress/Overexertion: 2 (4)

Struck By: 1

     Struck by motor vehicle: 1 (NJ)

Unknown: 9 (5)

Vehicle Collision: 3 (4)
     Ejected from POV during rollover; en route to fire call (SC)
     Vehicle strikes tree during response to structure fire (MO)
     POV struck tree during response to outdoor fire (IL)
     (Civilian vehicle slides into accident scene)

Activity at Time of Death

Advancing Hoseline: 0 (2)

Search and Rescue: 0 (1)

Ventilation: 1

Pump Operations: 1 (2)

     Heart attack while responding to MVA (NY)

Driving: 3 (MO)

     POV: 2 (SC, IL)

Riding Vehicle/Apparatus: 0 (1)

     (Cardiac arrest during response)

Incident Command: 0 (1)

     (Heart attack at brush fire)

EMS/Patient Care: 1

     Collapsed at scene of MVA (GA)

Training: 0 (1)

     (Fell ill while cooling down after training exercise)

Other: 3 (5)
     Found dead at residence several hours after active fire department shift (NH)
     Found dead in firehouse bed after earlier automatic fire alarm (NY)
     Struck by motor vehicle during wildfire (NJ)
     (Heart attack while performing safety checks)
     (Passed away after fighting a brush fire)

Scene Safety: 0 (1)

     (Medical emergency while directing traffic)

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Bill Carey is the online public safety news and blog manager with PennWell Public Safety, or more specifically FireRescue Magazine/,, and Bill started in the fire service, as a third generation firefighter in 1986, on the eastern shore of Maryland and then continued after moving to Prince George's County. He served as a volunteer sergeant and lieutenant at Hyattsville where he met Chris Hebert and Dave Ianonne, the creators of Bill went to work for them back in 2001 and after they transitioned away to new, bigger projects, he was hired by them again in 2009. Bill's responsibilities are, well, a lot. Bill's writing has been on, Fire Engineering, FireRescue Magazine,, the Jones and Bartlett 2010 edition of "Fire Officer: Principles and Practice", The Secret List and


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