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“You Can’t Handle the Truth”

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We as a service need to be able to handle the tough criticism that goes with working in a life and death environment.

Never Ask The Dead

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It lies in pride, a haughtiness that gushes over with phrases of “brotherhood”, RFB-KTF and t-shirt slogans in place of proven wisdom.

There is No Profile for the White Elephant in the Smoke Filled Room

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There is a huge disconnect between what is needed in that smoke filled room and what people decide to learn and train on.

On Duty & Line of Duty:What Is the Difference?

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We must first understand the proper terminology related to firefighter fatalities and how this terminology affects the official annual tallies put forth by two national fire service organizations.

Contradictions in Atlanta

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Fox Street rescue challenges those who cling to absolutes in fear and tradition.

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