RIT Deployed at Texas House Fire

Roof, ceiling collapse after Caney Creek firefighters move in

Firefighters in Montgomery County, Texas were called to the 1700 block of Pine View for the house on fire. According to Scott Engle and KBTX, the first arriving crew found “heavy fire” coming from a double-wide trailer. The resident told firefighters the fire was coming from a heating unit and extending into the attic. She also told them of her dog, in a kennel, in the bedroom.

Video below from Scott Engle of interview with Caney Creek Fire Chief Raymond Flannelly shows the scene from Sides Alpha, Charlie and Delta. After the interview portion, at the 2:23 mark, the video captures the point where the air horns are sounded for crews to evacuate the trailer and Command requesting a PAR.

One crew had entered the rear of the trailer and began working on stopping the fire’s extension when part of the roof reportedly collapsed on them. A rapid intervention team was deployed as other firefighters received notice to withdraw from the structure. Trapped firefighters were able to quickly remove themselves and evacuate from the trailer.

The dog reported inside was found, approximately two hours later, under a couch during overhaul. Removed to the outside, the pet was given oxygen and revived.


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“Smoke Alarm Credited for Saving Montgomery Co. Family” KBTX.com
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