Warren Working:First Due Truck to the Working House Fire

One and one with fire showing

Video below is of Warren, Michigan's Engine One and Truck One at a house fire. Video was posted to YouTube on 15 November. Keeping in our style of past, similar posts, we'll point out interesting parts we see and hear. Take some time to review the video, without critiquing,  and consider how you and your crew would respond.

Engine is on the scene, ahead of the truck. For one-story, private dwellings, does the truck always, absolutley, have to be directly in front?

Size-up your stretch; what size and how many lengths?

How much fire do we have showing? What can we realisticaly expect – one maybe two rooms at the most? Are we going to let the fire run our mind?

Moving in. Two lines operating – where do we expect the second line to go? What should it be doing? Why?

Initial knockdown. How much farther are we going with the first line? Is the second line supporting the search? Are we looking for occupants in the pathways? What is the smoke telling us after this? Where do we believe the extension to likely be?

Knockdown progresssion. What items should have been communicated up to this point? What are essential, or are 'benchmarks' for your fireground?

Again, don't focus soley on what is being done in the video and turn it into a crtique; it does no good unless you are on the job in Warren. Instead, toss it out among your crew and how you would work this fire. Focus on your SOPs and how well (or poorly) you communicate.



Bill Carey is the daily news and blog manager for Elsevier Public Safety (FireRescue Magazine/Firefighter Nation, JEMS and LawOfficer sites.) Bill also manages the FireEMSBlogs.com network and is a former volunteer lieutenant with the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department in Prince George's County, Maryland.

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