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Lloyd Mitchell looks at two different tools in the toolbox.


This is a battle I find myself dealing with a lot as of late. DSLR versus Camera Phone. Camera phone photography has come a long way. Camera phone photography is basically point and shoot photography. The three elements for a good photo are composition, lighting and exposure.

The pros of using a DSLR are, the DSLR allows you to have a lot more range in terms of lenses, better focus and more megapixels ranging anywhere from 8 to 36 megapixels.. The DSLR can also show you details that a camera phone can’t pick up. The con of using your DSLR is sometimes the focusing lag causes you to miss a photo or two.

The pros of using your camera phone are that the content gets to the viewing party quicker. The camera phone is a lot lighter compared to all the camera gear we carry around. The camera phone is also very reliable; I use my camera as a wide angle lens. The two cons I have with camera phone are magnet device that you can attach lens to but the image quality is subpar compared to a DSLR. The other is the overall grain of the image

I keep clicking with my DSLR and my phone; both cameras get the job done.

Hipstamatic app for Iphone 6-23-12  Lloyd Mitchell Photography

Squad Company 1 working  DSLR  photo. Lloyd Mitchell Photography.


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