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Don’t Be That Firefighter

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Are you this kind of firefighter? We hope not.

Buffing in BuffaloLloyd Mitchell with Two Houses Working

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Conditions were so bad that the arriving companies went defensive right away.

Ohio Close CallsBlaming Radios and Remembering Past Tragedy

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Relying blindly on technology without incorporating behavioral changes is like giving an M40 to someone who has never fired a rifle in their lives and expecting them to put every round in the 10-ring. It’s not going to happen.

Harry M. Archer MedalCourage and Valor…Understated, Revisited

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Special Order No. 180, which was dated October 4, 1920, reads as follows: “A medal, to be known as the ‘Harry M. Archer Medal’ has been donated…

Kensington Working:Basement Fires, Ladders and Kinks

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“[The fireground] moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. ” Ferris Bueller, kinda.

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