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The Vicious Cycle

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We have to get our act together to break this vicious cycle, or there will not be an American Fire Service to pass on to the next generation of firefighters.

Globe’s WASPPhysiological and Location Monitoring on the Fireground

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Just before he presses the button on his handie-talkie the EMS duty officer reaches out to him, “Check this out, Ladder 104 Can, he’s spiked his heart rate and respiration.”

Globe WASPGetting Closer to Better Firefighter Tracking and Monitoring

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Firefighter tracking, health monitoring and PPE combine to offer a proactive approach to your safety on the fireground.

Snohomish County Working:Rescue Off Balcony

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Okay, so this isn’t someone straddling the window sill with that rich brownish, grayish smoke pulsing out over him, but imagine pulling up to this with just you, your driver and one firefighter in the back. What’s your game-plan?

Manhattan Scaffolding Rescue Highlights Agency Rivalry and Risk Management Decisions

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“We have some of the best training and the best equipment to do this.”

Mayday Transmitted During Reading Apartment Fire

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“I believe I’m at the stairwell on the Walnut Street side, but I’m stuck in here. On the fire floor, can’t get out of this spot and I’m burning up in here.”

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