How I Operate on the FiregroundLloyd Mitchell Photography

Lloyd shares some of his photography tips useful on the fireground.

When I arrive on the fire ground to create images, I always use caution.  I shoot with two Nikon bodies, D90 and D7000. I shoot with an ISO of 400 to gain the maximum amount of color. I put my 18 to 105mm lens on the D90. My D7000 is paired with my 70 to 300mm lens on it. I look at the situation playing out in front of me. I snap off a few images of the fire building. I am usually hoping I can at get least three images of what is happening on the fire ground. I keep my f stop at 5.6 on the 18 to 105. I usually keep the f stop on 4.5 for the 70 to 300. I shoot with autofocus at all times.

D 90  Shot at ISO of 800. F Stop 4.5  Shutter speed 1/125  Focal length 18

At night the fire ground is a bit different. I allow the rig lights to play out the scene. I use a 35mm prime lens to shoot. I use an ISO of  800 or 1100. The 35 prime lens is outstanding in lowlight situations; I shoot with an f stop of 1.8. This allows for a lot of light to get through to the sensor of the camera, making for better images without a tripod or monopod. It allows me to have range while walking around. I use my 55 to 200mm at an f-stop of 4. This allows for interesting candids in low light situations. I allow the apparatus lights to be the light source for me.

D90, Shot at ISO of 400. F Stop 4.8  Shutter speed 1/250  Focal length 55

All in all, the process of image making doesn’t change. It’s all about a combo of gear and making a unique photo out of a situation.  I still want to create images that are unique to the fire ground. The great thing with photography is no matter what type of gear you use, the images are captured  forever.

Shot at ISO of 800. F Stop 4.5  Shutter speed 1/4000  Focal length 270 

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