“Expect Fire” Palm Beach County0400 hrs. Wires Down Call Becomes Working House Fire with Rescues

Palm Beach County crew of three adapts quickly and rescues family of four.

At nearly 4:00 a.m. a Palm Beach County engine company responded to a reported wires down, blown transformer alarm. Arriving at 5761 Elder Drive the scene was quite different. Neighbors and other citizens gained the attention of the crew looking for wires down and reported the house fire. After upgrading the incident assignment and making entry the crew found three occupants.

"Three people were rescued from the home when they realized that a grandmother was still in the back room sleeping. Firefighters had to go back inside the burning house to rescue her."

No working smoke detectors were in the home at the time of the fire.

WPBF: Firefighters Rescue Four from Fire

CBS12: Firefighters Save Family of Four

WPTV: Four People Rescued from House Fire in West Palm Beach

During the dark hours of early morning the mind is adjusting its response and when the house bells turn out ot be for a local alarm or minor incident, certain brain parts and their functions begin adaptaing to similar, past experiences. Taking time to regularly make size up a daily or weekly drill helps condition the brain and body to maintain a heightened state of readiness. The training also helps keep each firefighter on the track when performing the intial sizeup.


Responding with Minimal Personnel
With proper training and preplanning, short-staffed companies can successfully knock down a fire and perform rescues

Engine Company Size-Up & IAP Development
First-in engine companies are often tasked with both size-up & initial fireground operations

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