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Boston Mayday Training Sample

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Video highlights communications during fire attack and mayday.

IAFF Cancer Study Newsletter,Issue 1

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First word out on work done so far investigating firefighter cancer.

Helmet Cam:Interior of San Bernardino City House Fire

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Fire over their heads and a partial roof collapse.

Identity Crisis Grows”Ambulance Drivers”, “First Responders” and now “Special Forces”

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While I personally believe “firefighter” suffices, I have nothing against “Emergency Mitigation Response Specialist” either.

How I Operate on the FiregroundLloyd Mitchell Photography

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I shoot with two Nikon bodies, D90 and D7000 and with an ISO of 400 to gain the maximum amount of color.

“Expect Fire”Salisbury, Md. Crew Catches Job On Way To Quarters

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“Hey! Is that smoke over there?”

‘He’s Got a Strange Accent’Boston Hires New Chief, an Outsider

Abraira is the department’s first Hispanic chief and first outsider to be chief.

“Sad but True”Not everyone died in “Those Fires”

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You will recall that we called your attention to an article which reported on a USFA department chief speaking at the Volunteer Chief Officer Symposium.

Between The Extremes

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Tom Brennan used to write that there are very few “always” and “nevers” in the Fire Service.

“Those Fires”?Maybe Andy Fredericks was Right.

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“Don’t worry about that nozzle kid, cause we [won’t] do fires anymore.”

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