“Occupy” the 28th Floor

Manhattan box near Wall Street protestors goes to two-alarms.


On 21 October 2011, the FDNY responded to a box alarm at 120 Broadway, near the site of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Footage is pretty fair, especially for you apparatus fans. The alarm assignments, courtesy nycfire.net, appear below the video.

Box 54 120 Broadway x Pine Street

E.10, 6, 4 L.10, TL.1 Batt.1

10-76, Fire on 28th floor, transmitted by Batt.1
41-story – Class 1, Commercial – 167 x 310


E.7 (4th), 55 (CFR), 202 (Lobby Control) E.33/High Rise 1

L.8, 6, TL.15

L.20 (FAST)

Squad Co.18

Rescue Co.1

Batt.2, Batt.4, Batt. 31 Batt.6 (Safety Officer)

Division 1

Rescue Battalion, Safety Battalion

Fieldcom 1, Tactical Support Unit 1 Command Tactical Unit MSU.1

Car 4 David (Asst. Chief Pfiefer)

Canal Street Response (0700 – 1800, Mon. – Fri.)

Manhattan Boxes 9031, 9032

Box 9031 E.205, L.110, Batt.35

Box 9032 E.279, L.101, Batt.32

Car 4 David transmitts Second Alarm; main body of fire knocked; heavy smoke conditions; searches underway; DWH.


E.14, 5, 224, 24

L.5, TL.18

E.207/Satellite 6

Rescue Co.2

Batt.48, Batt.40 Batt.7 (Resource Unit Leader) Batt.33 (Air Recon Chief)

Division 11

Special Call, Two Trucks

TL.9, L.11

Primary searches negative. Secondary searches negative. Searches in stairwells negative.

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