Real World StaffingRequired Reading for The Front Seat Program on Firefighter Netcast

Here's a sample of what we'll be discussing.


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Mark My Words

Is 'Legal Counsel' going to be the newest riding position?


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Tale of Two Fires, And One Big Question

If the occupant dies after the fire, we don't worry about the rules so much, right?

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A Tale of Two Fires

At what point do we add so much to our “incident evaluation” that we handcuff ourselves into inaction?

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“We’re just trying to do the best we can.”Engine 42 Lieutenant Catches Boy and Provides Training Questions for Engine Companies

Rescues at Roxbury apartment reminds us of the need for training under antagonistic conditions and the value of teamwork.

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“Expect Fire” Contra Costa CountyTwo Rescues from Reported ‘Odor Investigation’ (Helmet Camera Footage)

Crew from Station 6 rescue two from house fire.

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Trabajo lateral del carro de Charlie

Side Charlie truck work.

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