“Expect Fire” Early Footage of Chicago Multiple Alarm on Weekday Afternoon

Only a block away, Engine 22 has an afternoon full of fire and first line choices.

On 16 September Chicago’s Engine Company 22 was first due to a fire in a renovated structure that eventually went to two alarms. First on the scene, they were immediately faced with fire on multiple floors and threatening the exposures.
“Lincoln Park building collapses in extra-alarm fire” Chicago Tribune
“Chicago 2-11 Alarm 9-16-11” ChicagoAreaFire.com

Using the video above, excluding the actions of the firefighters within, you can present the scene with the task of teaching what sizeup, communication and hoseline principles your department may use. Have your shift view the video and stop it a certain intervals to ask questions and discuss the answers.

Engine Company Size-Up & IAP Development
First-in engine companies are often tasked with both size-up & initial fireground operations
Jakubowski, FireRescue Magazine 2010
Drills for Practicing How to Describe Fireground Conditions
Fireground performance will be improved if your crew demonstrates consistency in sizing up what they see upon arrival
Robertson, FireRescue Magazine 2010
Engine Company Problems on the Fireground
Common engine company problems on the fireground
Jakubowski, FireRescue Magazine 2009
Second-Due Engine Roles & Responsibilities
Second-due engine companies must stop competing & support the advancement of the first line
Kirby, LaKamp, FireRescue Magazine 2009
Engine Company Principles, Part I
Carey, Backstep Firefighter 2008

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