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Updated: Detroit’s New Vacant Building Policy.All Flash, Little Substance and A Big Loophole

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Detroit’s new broom (Fire Commissioner) attempts to sweep clean (on vacant building fires) with the wrong word usage and flimsy policy.

The Black Diamond X2 Boot Review

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They required little in the way of “break in” and for their first test I ran the stairs with no trouble at all.

Go To The Funeral

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“At the funeral six months ago, there were more firefighters from FDNY there than there were from my department. And we are not within 2,000 miles of New York City.”

Bennett Winner and FDNY Medal Day.Are medals counter intuitive to safety messages?

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If, as the research in victim survivability profiling states, firefighters die for victims that could be deemed unsurvivable then what do the actions cited and awarded today in New York City say?

Oklahoma City Battalion Chief Mike Walker on ‘The Front Seat’

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Tune In! Chief Walker will discuss training to an acceptable level of performance as well as training methods and ideas he has been working with. We’ll also review several Firefighter Near Miss Reports and identify some common themes.

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