Multiple Rescues on Brooklyn Firefighter’s First Day as Chauffeur

NY Daily News story recounts Sunset Park fire, multiple rescues for Ladder Company 114 and recognizes their Heroes of the Month.

In March, FDNY Brooklyn companies responded to a working fire in an occupied multiple dwelling. During the operations, two members of Ladder Company 114 performed numerous rescues as fire conditions led to a mayday and companies withdrawn from the building. None of the 11 rescued died, including an unconscious pregnant woman. The fire was set at the base of a front stairwell and traveled to the roof, forcing occupants to the fire escape and windows.

Firefighters Kevin Hogan and Joseph Dunne were recently honored for their work at this fire by the New York Daily News.

“The fire was on the front stairs all the way to the roof,” said Hogan, a 16-year veteran. “There were people on the fire escapes.” He went to the third floor, where he found a boy about 10 years old and a woman on a bed. “The room was completely smoked out. They were petrified,” Hogan said. He grabbed them and put them on the fire escape.

Dunn, with seven years on the job, was on his first day as “chauffeur” – the specially trained driver of the rig – and manned the tower ladder with the rescue bucket. He stopped at the third floor, where the woman and boy were. “They looked like they would jump,” said Dunn. “They were very timid, and I had to repeat, ‘Let’s go!’ And finally I stuck my arms out and pulled them in, and took them to the street.””

Firefighters performed rescue after rescue in Brooklyn arson fire, saving 11 people, NY Daily News

Take a look at the video of the Brooklyn fire, as well as read the article, and ask yourself the following:

– Can you hear the mayday transmission? How calm and collect would a mayday be transmitted and relayed within my department’s operations?

– Does your ladder or tower driver have assignments and responsibilities that encourage him to be properly dressed, ready to affect rescues on his own or assist – or his he chained to the rig and thinks all he has to do is drive?

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